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Our DIY Christmas

And so it began, thinking about Christmas in our new apartment together. I wanted to make it special but also, wanted to make it cheap, easy, and mind blowing. A tall order for me, but even worse in expectations. But I was committed to making this work. So Jaim and I started planning for what tree we would get, presents to buy, and where we would be traveling too. Then like a bolt of lightening, We decided that our house would become a hotbed for DIY crafts to make it completely our own. This was our way of starting our own traditions and making this holiday about us, instead of what we were missing at “home.”.

So this is our first project. A Christmas wreath. Jaim’s idea, Jaim’s blood sweat and tears. I just helped with the execution. It came out awesome, she did so well. I am convinced that this is one of many wreaths that will adorn our apartment this season, especially because I have control issues and no strong ties to playing cards.

I think once it’s hanging, it will look great.

Then I had an idea after going to craft fair this weekend it make styrofoam trees in little Tera cotta pots. It gives the feel of a whimsical garden. The large one was incredibly heavy since Jaim and I thought using little glass pieces for green would be best. Turns out, it weighed it down and was so hard to glue on. I wasted over twenty hot glue sticks on this project, nineteen on the large one. I want to make more, but maybe a less heavy version.


Next of our list
— ornaments, pillows, and some presents for our friends and family.

Happy Holidays!
Meg (and Jaim).


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