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Falls here, Bitches

It’s October and that feels all-things-fall are in the air. Anyone who knows me, knows that this is my favorite holiday for many many reasons. The food, the holidays, and pumpkins. I love anything almost anything that has to do with pumpkins. I mean, Dunkin Donuts pumpkin syrup is a gift from the devil that should destroyed upon first sip. I kicked off fall with a surprise for my dearest pumpkin, Jaimee. I made her a delicious rendition of broccoli cheddar soup that I found on the cover of the october edition of Food Network Magazine. It was such a process, but completely worth it.  I would say to prep first, because trying to prep while cooking just made me stressed and it went smoother when I chopped/peeled everything. Also, I learned that peeling celery really enhances the flavor, Thanks Alex. And I definitely reccoment thining it out with water while cooking the last step




And while I didn’t make this centerpiece, I think it looks so easy and can not wait to do it for my Thanksgiving dinner. It makes such a nice presentation and sometimes, you can’t find a vase when you’re trying to entertain too. This solves all problems. Jaim, her mother, and I went to a Pumpkin Patch to enjoy the beautiful weather and these were on every table at the Hard Cider Tasting (bought a bottle of the Cherry Moon- delish!) Maybe I will be doing these for some upcoming nuptials for two of my very dear friends.



And this was the crowning jewel. It even looks like a gemstone. Well, maybe that’s just the butter making me delerious, but this acron squash was just about the most delicious thing I have ate in a long time. I even put a little less butter than it called for and it was still melt-in-you-mouth good. I highly reccomend going to your local farmers market befor winter comes and grabbing up some squash. Find a good recipe online by a simple Google search. I found a simple butternut squash recipe that involved 2 tbs oil, a garlic clove, and some parmesean cheese. Thats it. and it was just like roaster potatoes. Try it.



Hope you can all get out and enjoy the beautiful fall we are having— despite the rain today.

Happy Harvest everyone,


once, twice, three times a lady

Err, make that Caramel. Triple salted caramel cupcakes that is! Although, after completing the recipe it should have been Quad Salted Caramel— but it just doesnt run off the tongue as nicely.

The recipe I borrowed is from Sprinkle Bakes and was so so so good. Scrumptious. Brown Sugar (Caramel) Cake, Caramel Center, Caramel Icing (buttercream that you put actual cooled caramel into) and these gorgeous little caramel disks that look great. My only issue is the dense cake. I like a fluffy cake and know that my Papa loves a fluffy cake. I’ll play with the recipe soon to figure out how to make this even scrumptiouser ?

All my ingredients, lined up in a kitchy way that shows off my adorable kitchen and gadgets.


First you put the dry ingrediants together


Then cream the good ingrediants (sugar & butter)


Once combined, they start making this beautiful brown sugar cake.


Three sticks of butter (and that all goes into the caramel center, caramel icing, and caramel do-dad’s on top)


and yes— I realize my salt shaker appears to be bleeding from the breast.

Cupcakes pre-bake


Cupcakes post-bake





Sure— the caramel doo-dad’s definitely did not turn out like Sprinkle Bakes, but they were super cool nonetheless.


And from a far, they all look like little works of stained glass. Delicious, salty sweet stained caramel.


Then I had to drive them to NJ the next morning for the party. I could put them in an enclosed  carrier, but the tops were too tall. I could take the sugar squiggles off, but the I’d ruin the icing. I could say “Fuck it” and not take them— but thats not how I roll. Thats how I decided it would be best to bring a carrier with me for the hour drive to Jersey.


How else was I to transport these but to hire my own Cupcake Carrier— should have gotten her a little hat!

Once the got there, there were the hit of the party. So much so, that I forgot a picture! I’ve gotta say, these cupcakes went over GREAT at my Uncle’s 41st birthday. Everyone loved them and ,believe me, these are brutally honest people who will tell that that your hair looks like shit (that happened too that night, thanks Emma) and they have seen better.

All that I can say is that perusing the internet while at work for cool recipies has paid off yet again!
Maybe the corner store across the street will be interested in my baking after seeing this blog?!

Happy CupCaking,

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