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Cake Balls Can Suck It

I am having a hard time calling Bakerella a bitch, however that is exactly what I want to do! Maybe it’s my fault for not following the recipe exactly. Or because I used chocolate cake mix and not red velvet. Or because I didn’t use cream cheese canned icing. Listening to myself—sounds like it is all my fault. FUCK! In that case, let me give you a rundown.



1) I mixed the cake mix

2) I baked it all lovely-like.

3) Let it cool and crumbled the shit outta it

4) Mixed in the icing into the mixture

5) Formd balls and thought to myself “Man, these are sticky”

6) Put balls in fridge/freezer and left for a few hours

7) Came back and melted the chocolate.

8) Began to dip balls in chocolate and thought to self “Man this looks like jizz”

9) Started to get pretty angry because things weren’t going my way (at least I know how crazy I sound)

10) Went MEGATRON all over the cake balls that were too sticky, covered in cum, and misshapen.

(i.e., flattening them with a skillet while crying)

All in all, I am looking forward to the day that I do try this again. Maybe I’ll do it more towards Bakerella’s guide and not pulling a “Whatever I Feel Like” attitude.

     Happy Carbing.


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