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Blogging cherry is now Popped!

Alright world, here I am at work. Wait, I’m actually at home on a Wednesday morning, yeahhh that’s better. Here I am sitting in my chaise lounge and I’m dreaming of all the wonderful items I want to create (almond cupcakes for Friday, Mom’s chili for Saturday, those adorable little petite fou I saw on that blog) and how there’s a good chance Social Work is not the right path for me. Bigger than good chance, HUGE chance!

It’s a common feeling that I have been noticing the recent graduates are having. Is it just Kutztown Social Work Graduates? Actually, no. You wouldn’t believe the number of LICENSED social workers here at my agency that bake on the side, with hopes & dreams of opening a bake shop.

My dream morphs every couple of days, depending on the mood that strikes. I want a food truck, a stand at a farmers market, or my own “cupcakery.” Thought I invented that word— turns out, I didn’t. For right now, I want a food blog. A place to work out my ideas and write about the complex world that is giving up social work to go after my passion.

As it stands, I want to pull a “Julie & Julia Project” but I know going through a Julia Childs cookbook is NOT how I imagine my pastry career! So here it is, my attempt at bettering my baking techniques WITHOUT destroying my mother’s kitchen (and after last night, I need to figure out how to ge royal icing off stainless without her noticing).


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One thought on “Blogging cherry is now Popped!

  1. akeit470 on said:

    Oh Man, I am stoked out of my mind about this! I was just looking at your pictures and mm girl I want to pull out the kitchen aide! I think this is a brilliant idea!

    It will help you document the none-social worker in you. I think that is partly why I have fairly consistent urges to run for the hills and jump on the I want to own any type of food service thing I can train.. because becoming a social worker, being a social worker has consumed my person. I struggle to turned my systems theory/strengths based radar off and baked goods don’t require it from me! Although the similarities of process are there the emotional strain is absent!

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