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Round 2 with Royal Icing

My first bout with royal icing was a few weeks ago when I decided to have a creative weekend. Lesson learned: Don’t try new things out with girlfriend. Because when things don’t go my way, I tend to revert back to my toddler ways. I believe I slammed everything down on the table and was more frustrated that I couldn’t make cookies with royal icing how Martha does.

With that being said, I thought Easter would be the perfect way to re-do this experiment. I’d be able to be alone (except for my parents— and my mother’s watchful eye on her stainless). And without the pressures I put on myself when performing in front of others (see I’d throw in a little social work now and again).

First I had to make dozens & dozens of egg-shaped sugar cookies and then wait for them to cool. In the mean time, I made the royal icing in our standing mixer. Separated into three parts and dyed the white icing to be delicious colors. Of course, I couldn’t decide for myself. “Mom, I made pink & yellow icing, what color should be third?” pause-pause-stares at piping bags already filled “i think the pink would look great on the yellow, and vice versa.” “No! I need a third color, purple or green?” pause-pause “I don’t understand, the pink & yellow are so nice.”—“FORGET IT!”

Dial her up— “Jaim, I need a third color, green or purple?” and from there—purple was born!

After this exciting experience of chosing which rainbow color to grace my cookies, I realized I had NOT made enough icing and would definitely need to be doing this again tomorrow (which is how lavender, lime and periwinkle were born)

And so I started piping outlines and it made each cookie look a little bit more special.

And then I got a little crazy with visions of sweetheart plaids in my head

Then came the filling in (or flooding) and decorating.

Lining, swirling, and polka dotting.

Look at the masses 🙂

All in all, this was a wonderful and beautiful project for Easter. Especially the first Easter with the new girlfriends family. Or girlfriends new family. Or new experiences with girlfriend’s old family. Yes, it took two days to complete the icing and another to package, which came out incredibly sweet and I must take pictures the net time of the final presentation. After all, that is how the Queen would do it.

The best things I learned about flood icing/royal icing was from Sweetopia. It was the most comprehensive resource guideline for flooding cookies. And her pieces are too cute for words.

Peace, Love and Carbs to all,


Blogging cherry is now Popped!

Alright world, here I am at work. Wait, I’m actually at home on a Wednesday morning, yeahhh that’s better. Here I am sitting in my chaise lounge and I’m dreaming of all the wonderful items I want to create (almond cupcakes for Friday, Mom’s chili for Saturday, those adorable little petite fou I saw on that blog) and how there’s a good chance Social Work is not the right path for me. Bigger than good chance, HUGE chance!

It’s a common feeling that I have been noticing the recent graduates are having. Is it just Kutztown Social Work Graduates? Actually, no. You wouldn’t believe the number of LICENSED social workers here at my agency that bake on the side, with hopes & dreams of opening a bake shop.

My dream morphs every couple of days, depending on the mood that strikes. I want a food truck, a stand at a farmers market, or my own “cupcakery.” Thought I invented that word— turns out, I didn’t. For right now, I want a food blog. A place to work out my ideas and write about the complex world that is giving up social work to go after my passion.

As it stands, I want to pull a “Julie & Julia Project” but I know going through a Julia Childs cookbook is NOT how I imagine my pastry career! So here it is, my attempt at bettering my baking techniques WITHOUT destroying my mother’s kitchen (and after last night, I need to figure out how to ge royal icing off stainless without her noticing).

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